Patrick Banta
To find the right creative mind can be tough; to find a mix of creative and business acumen in someone is sometimes impossible. Patrick evokes both of these.
–Rob Roy
Chief Digital Officer, Sprint
Patrick was one of the great creative minds on our team @Sprint. A digital native and team player, a guy you want on your team!
- Scott Zalaznik
SVP Digital, Adidas
What always stood out for me about Patrick is his faithful vision he has for his company and attention to every detail, big or small to make sure that vision is clear.
- Orion Kinkaid
Sr. UX, Garmin
An outstanding design professional, Patrick is eloquent, thoughtful, and savvy to whatever context he’s in. These strengths made him a unique leader who could both present well to the highest executives and support his team in creating good work.
- Tyler Hilker
Product, Crema